In this very competitive business world, information is very important, and having a professional web presence in both Arabic and English is very important for businesses in the Middle East and North Africa to succeed. At Bukhari Translation Services, we specialize in providing high-quality website localization services in Dubai and content translation in Arabic, English, and more than 50 other languages. We can help you do this.

Take into account the rules that should be used in writing web pages when translating them into any language. For this reason, we make your website localization easy for search engines to read. We know that the goal is to let your potential customers and business partners see your website, so that you can turn this contact into online sales or business relationships. From government services to e-commerce portals, the main goal of Bukhari Translation’s web content translation is to make sure the information is relevant and accurate.

In Bukhari Translation Services, we have a team of technical translators who are excellent in website localization, digital media and making websites in Arabic. These people have a good track record of providing high-quality web content translation services. They also help their clients connect with customers in the Middle East and North Africa.

We are the best at translating Arabic websites, and we also translate websites in 50+ other languages. It doesn’t matter what kind of digital or website content you need translated: blogs, new sites, and e-commerce sites.

Localization Services in Dubai

Reasons to choose our website localization services in Dubai

Translation languages

Here, a brief list of translation languages provided by Bukhari Translation. Please call us for more details or if your requirement is for a different language.

website localization Services – English to Arabic

Adding new and different languages to your website can be very hard. Not just from a content point of view, but also from a technical point of view. Both the translation and meaning of words and sentences need to be taken into account.

Search engines, like Google, need to know what your business is trying to do when they see your website in more than one language and how it should be tagged.

Bukhari Translation has a lot of experience with multilingual websites. It has built full websites in a number of languages, including Arabic, Russian, German, Swedish, Mandarin, Portuguese, and French. As well as taking care of the technical needs, we can also help you with translation and copywriting to make sure that your sentences are translated correctly. We can also hire independent proof-readers to make sure the translations are correct before they are uploaded.

For someone who is trustworthy and has done this before, please get in touch

website localization from English to Arabic, French, Spanish, German & Mandarin

Having your website in more than one language is very important, but it can be hard to do. It looks at both the content and the technical aspects of translation and meaning, as well as the grammatical and intentional aspects.

When it comes to websites that speak different languages, Bukhari Translation has a long history. We’ve made full websites in a lot of different languages, like Arabic, Russian, German, Swedish, Mandarin, Portuguese, and French. We can also hire independent proof-readers to make sure the translation services dubai are correct before they are uploaded.

Best Practices for Multilingual Websites

It costs money to make your website available in more than one best language translator. A translator does not use software for website localization in a way that is as good as the job that a translator does. To make sure that your website translation also covers the following things, work with us at Bukhari Translation.


Other mediums (like social media) in this language can help these users, even if your main content is in English. This is true even if you don’t have your main content in English. We also make content marketing that meets the needs of the people we want to reach, which may be different from what English speakers do. For example, we might use localized terms or informal phrases.


We can make unique URLs for your website that include language detectors. This will make sure that search engines don’t think the content is the same. Tags also help you figure out what language and region the content is meant for, which helps your SEO. Besides this, we will also change and translate your metadata (such as keywords).

Seamless Design:

This means that all of the parts work together. For a seamless look and function, Bukhari Translation has one language on each page and makes it easy to move between languages on the site. Beyond this, we can help you help your customers in any language they speak.

The Advantages of a Multilingual Website

Reach out to more people

With website translation, you can reach more people in more places. There is a big advantage to being able to speak someone else’s language. Multilingual businesses have the advantage of being able to reach more people around the world and giving them a big advantage in the market. With our help, you can reach markets that aren’t already full. There are no language barriers. Translation services can help your business communicate better with its customers, suppliers, employees, and partners. This is a real asset that can help you both inside and outside of your business.

Become Localised 

With the world’s economic centre moving to the East and businesses trying to reach more people around the world, you need to think about languages other than English to make your message more appealing. As much as it can help you reach more people by the language they speak, you can also reach more specific markets in these areas.

Due to the fact that your business is the only one that hasn’t yet used these opportunities, it stands to benefit If you’re translating something, you need to make sure that it is correct and meets the needs of the country where it is being used. Some examples: The Middle East, for example, has many different types of people, and 60% of the population speaks Arabic. Being localised in the region will help the business better understand its customers and cater to their unique needs with local marketing strategies. This can also help your business be more trusted and credible, which can help your business grow.

Improve your Rankings

A website’s goal is to give your audience value and information. Having a website that can be seen in different languages is an extension of this, which means better online rankings as well. It will bring more people to your website and give them a great experience. This leads to more satisfied customers, which improves both your metrics and sales. With this, there are more chances to get leads and make sales. If you run a business, its SERPs (search engine results pages) will rise.

Did you know?

People around the world speak more than 7,000 languages.
Most people prefer to buy things in their own language, 75% of the world’s people do this. Having your website in a language that people want to use will, therefore, help you meet more of their needs and get more people to search for you.

There are, however, a lot of people in that figure who aren’t native speakers.
All the other languages that people speak also make up a big part of how many people search for them on the internet. Mandarin, Spanish, and Arabic are all included in this. There are 1 billion people who speak Mandarin, but only 2% of online content is in that language. Here, marketers have a lot of chances to make money.

Quality website localization services in Dubai

Having your website available in more than one language will help your business in a number of ways. To do so, though, you’ll need tools and a partner. At Bukhari Translation, we can help you with website design and development so that your business has the language functionality that you need for your business to grow. Our company is ready to help you with your website translation in dubai, so please get in touch. Get in touch with us to set up a meeting.

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