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Translation of legal and non-legal documents has become vital for avoiding any legal mishaps and making sure you truly understand the point of the documents, and every article that it incorporates, and where can one go for an apt, professional translation of their documents. This is when our translation services in Dubai come into play. Translation services Dubai generally translate the required document called the “Source to The Target Language

Over the years our services have elevated us to one of the best Translation companies in Dubai. Our corporation offers a mass of translation services in Dubai. We are equipped to deal with a variegated sum of translation documents like Legal, academic, medical, commercial, and technical documents and we take pride in serving a wide variety of clientele with our talented team.

Our adept translation services in Dubai use a methodical process in dealing with various documents. Our Facilities are one of the most sought after in Dubai, and we ensure only the most resourceful team to aid our clients. The services we provide focus on a diverse community of government and private bodies, and we leave no leaf unturned when it comes to our customer services.

Our Language Expertise

” Bukhari Translation Services company is the translation giant “

We are specialized in different languages like Arabic to English Translation In Dubai , English to ArabicTranslation in Dubai Chinese, French Greek, Hindi, Spanish, etc. You may visit any of our multiple translation offices in Dubai and count on our services for document translation, software translation or website translation or interpretation. We offer a diversification in the field of translation and interpretation and some of our services are


The national courts of the UAE recognize Arabic as a legal language and often require the translation of documents to Arabic. Legal documents are a sensitive criterion of translation as a slight misinterpretation could change the entire tone of the document and flaw your understanding of the legal terms and services of the document.  In light of the complexity of legal documents it is ill- advised of you to pursue an average translator or systematic translator to do your interpretation for you. If you need quality services in English to Arabic translation of your legal or nonlegal documents our team is more than equipped to host your requirements. Our team of translators are expert linguists that can handle the desired interpretation of the specific terms and relay the message to you in a way you will be able to understand. So, contact us for English to Arabic translation in Dubai.


We aid the linguistic interactions between two languages via a team of qualified and well-informed mediators. Our Interpretation services Translation services in Dubai  are expanded on a wide scale of international languages, and we focus our efforts on delivering the most intelligible expositions of source documents to target languages. Our team is enlightened and talented in a wide variety of different fields of work and are thus more than prepared for any genre of documents that need translation or interpretation


Our translation services are not just limited to Legal translation in Dubai but also features a distinguished expertise in Medical translation services. Medical documents are vastly misconceived due to the general use of unprofessional translation. Our employees are professionals in their line of work with specialization in medical terminology that can cater to your needs for a well-informed medical translator or interpreter available at all times.


Attestation Services

Our client base is an obvious measure of our experience and demand in the relevant fields. Another one of our sought-after services include attestation Translation services in Dubai. The authenticity of any personal, business or academic documents in Dubai require attestation from the UAE embassy or consulate. The attestation process can be a baffling experience for novice emigrant. Our legal Translation services assist such people in their respective situations by coordinating the attestation from the region where it was issued and the UAE consulate. So contact us for consultations and to speed up the process of attestation of your documents.


Legal Translation Services In Dubai

Legalizing a translation of document is necessary when moving to a private state. It authorizes the document of translation for you. Our company provides these services at affordable ranges, and we are known for our fast-paced services. Legal translation in Dubai is necessary for the respective governments and embassies of the different regions recognize your document as an authenticated copy. This prevents and technical misunderstandings in interpretation of documents. Legal translations are generally needed for documents like Birth certificates, passports, Marriage certificates, Academic certificated and diplomas, driving licenses.

We aim to understand and predict the growing need of linguistic talents as communication is the single most important factor involved in the vast modernization and development in different areas of proficiency. We intend to provide an unambiguous interpretation and translations Services in Dubai . Our solid client base is thoroughly satisfied with our services, and we plan to facilitate our clients in any way possible.

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