Certified Translation Services in Dubai

Bukhari translation Dubai is a Certified Translation Services In Dubai offering official translations of any legally binding document in another language, which is recognized by official bodies and government officials in Dubai.

The demand for certified translation services and qualified language experts has dramatically increased in Dubai. With such a modern legal system and a favourable environment to support the expansion and growth of businesses, it is essential to partner with a reputable and experienced translation firm.

A qualified translator with years of experience can perfectly follow the variety of language features, including syntactic, lexical and pragmatic characteristics, to deliver the message with accuracy and authenticity.

At Bukhari  Translation Services Dubai, we ensure our team’s knowledge of the technical aspect and the cultural sensitivity of every text type. All of our translations are completed by certified translators from Dubai whose translations are acknowledged and accepted by all UAE special and governmental institutions, such as notary publics, courts, embassies, ministries, and other institutions.


Why should you choose us to be your certified Translation Services in Dubai?

Fast Translation Services

We are aware of the importance of timing for our clients. Any delay in the certification of your translation to Dubai can lead to difficulties for business or opportunity.do not fret; be secure that our translation service assures you that your project can be translated with a qualified professional translator in Dubai quickly and as easily as humanly feasible.


Bukhari Translation can translate up to two pages per hour and 15 pages per day.  Our in-house translators, who adhere to all standards and procedures to ensure consistency and coordination in translation. We can provide you with a rapid, certified translator in Dubai by the following pillars of excellence:

Responsive Customer Care 24/7

We have a staff consisting of managers for projects and administrators who are ready to assist our customers and respond to inquiries 24/7. Any questions regarding the translation you require in Dubai. The main goal of the project coordinator is efficacy, sustainability, and top quality and speedy delivery of your translation project that is certified to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Flexible & Dedicated Team

Bukhari translation Dubai Certified Translation in Dubai adheres to the most stringent standards in flexibility and satisfaction by implementing strategies that focus on our customers. We first listen to our clients and then tailor the process of translating and project management and the rules of accounting and delivery practices to meet the needs and requirements of our clients. We offer value-added translation service in Dubai, which improve the business of our customers and, consequently, our own.

Latest Translation Techniques

Here at Bukhari translation, Dubai Certified Translation Dubai employs the most up-to-date translation software (CAT tools), which allows us to provide the most reliable and accurate translation. This saves time and money for our customers who can select one of our many packages of tools for translation that are suitable to their specific needs and platform. With our tools for CAT, our team can provide official translation services in Dubai faster and with less effort!

Cost-effective Translation

Bukhari translation Dubai Certified Translation Services Dubai assures our clients that they receive the most value for the least amount to enjoy the maximum profit and complete satisfaction that is our main goal. With our full-time team of certified writers and translators, we have been able to achieve the right balance between cost, time and quality, and also reduce the cost of certified translation services to our customers!

Error-Free Translation

We provide you with one-time, professional translations in Dubai, which allows you to earn confidence from your customers across the globe and the respect and approval of the world market.

Sworn Translator in Dubai

Bukhari translation Dubai provides sworn translations of documents in Dubai certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice. Its translation is recognized by all ministries, embassies and other private and government entities in the United Arab Emirates. Our certified translator in Dubai can quickly translate all official documents for companies and individuals and provides the highest-rank public and private customers in all fields, including legal matters.

Specifications of Certified Translator in Dubai

This team, made up comprised of certified translators located in Dubai, has had their names carefully selected and tested on various aspects, including linguistic and academic background and experience, as well as areas of expertise and computer abilities. The quality of our team is continually evaluated using quality assurance sheets prepared by Q.A. experts. If you’re looking for certified translators in Dubai, Bukhari translation, Dubai is your top and most preferred choice for quick and accurate certified translation services in Dubai.

Certified Translation in Dubai by Embassies

Legal services for translation in Dubai Acceptance 100% assurance

We are specialists in the translation of official professional documents and in the process of certification for embassies of countries that we are targeting, like countries like the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many European countries.

Our certification process will ensure that your documents are legally legal in any foreign country. We can handle all kinds of legal, personal academic, medical or technical documents. Below, you will find examples:


Our professional certified translations are accepted by all embassies of foreign countries within the United Arab Emirates and worldwide:


The process of certifying translations results in a legally binding record acknowledged by U. A. E. directories officials, courts, and academic institutions. It is also acknowledged by foreign embassies and important directories of your target countries like the U.S, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.


If a business or a person may have the requirement for a translation that is certified?

Legal documents that have been certified as translated are required when someone plans to migrate in America, the United States, U.S, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe to take up a job or to study in a different country, or when a business is planning to do business internationally.


We are committed to boosting efficiency and cutting costs across your business, and we can provide USCIS accepted translations that are certified by USCIS.


Experts handle legal documents. We’re not only because we can speak your language, but also because we know the legal terminology used in all official documents. We can offer certified translations and translation affidavits to legal documents such as birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and passports.


We can supply you with translation affidavits to all of your documents, widely accepted by all government organizations within the U.S. and across the globe.


Affidavits of translation affirm the translator’s capability to translate a document from the original into the language of choice accurately and by industry guidelines.

Typically, the authorities in a charge request that the documents of high school or college transcripts or diplomas and copies of government documents be documented with an in-person affidavit.



If you’re thinking of working in the country of your choice or even studying in a different nation, We can also accompany your translations with an authentic apostille.

We can offer Apostille service to legally register your documents in official international usage and guarantee acceptance.


Preparing your documents to be used internationally, including translation and apostille authenticity, is tedious, expensive, time-consuming and laborious. The kinds of documents that require an apostille can vary significantly based on the intention of your trip abroad and the destination you want to travel to.

They can vary the powers granted, adoption documents, wedding certificates, adoption papers, and divorce decrees.

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