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We are one of the best translation company in Dubai, and we offer 100% accurate and authentic human services. You can trust us to translate your documents with the utmost accuracy because we have native translators in Dubai, United Arab Emirates who are ready to do so. If you’re having a meeting with someone alone or at a business event, we can also help you with translations. Our interpreters will be able to meet all of your needs without any problems. Isn’t it over here? As a complete linguistic solution company, we also have all the tools we need to run your business events at any level.

100% Human Translation Service

That’s why we have clients from all over the country and from all over the world. They are proof that our services are of high quality. We promise to deliver all of your orders on time because our native-speaking translators are very good at time management, so we can do that for you. Not only that, but our interpreters are friendly and ready to help you with your live events or meetings when you need them. They will be able to read everything perfectly and help you grow your business.

We translate 200+ languages

Every single document that we translate is checked by our quality control department to make sure it meets all of the world’s standards for quality and spelling. It’s important to note that we take your privacy very seriously. It could be your email address, contact information, or the documents you send us for a quote. We always make sure to keep your data private and safe.

Real People. Real Support.

We have been translating in Dubai for more than a decade, and we have a great track record. This has made us an industry leader in the area. For a long time, we have been proud to serve our clients not only in the United Arab Emirates, but also around the world. You can always count on our translators and interpreters to do their best for you.

Quality Translation Company in Dubai

Our quality policy is aimed at providing high-quality service to make sure our customers are happy. If you need a quote for a single-page document or a lot of different projects of varying complexity, we make sure that you get great and high-quality service at all times. We always make sure that we show you your work in the way that you want it to look and in the time frame that you give us. Our customers are important and respected, so they get the best service a business can give them: high-quality service that is done in a very professional way. Because we have a lot of experience because we have been doing this for a long time, you can be sure that you will get the best service today at the best prices. We are always ready to help you. Get in touch with us right away.


Dubai has become one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. It’s clear to our translation service in Dubai that your documents need to be translated in a way that’s tailored to you and your needs. Bukhari Translation has a lot of experience with a lot of different businesses, which makes the translation more accurate and has a direct effect on your business.


Your One-Stop Certified Translation Agency In Dubai For All Your Needs

Bukhari Translation has a lot of experience translating for businesses of all sizes. If you need a translation in Dubai, we are one of the best. Accuracy, specialization, and on-time delivery is what we strive for.

We offer interpreting, transcriptions, copywriting, and translation services in more than 200 languages from all over the world. We take great pride in providing fast, accurate, and professional services that are accurate and professional.

Our team is made up of hundreds of certified linguists who provide the best translation solutions on time and on budget. At Bukhari Translation, we have a team of more than 70 translators and offices in 33 cities around the world.

Our processes make sure that all of your translation needs will always meet the highest standards for quality and accuracy.

If you’re looking for the best translation service in Dubai for any kind of business, we can help. We offer a safe, cost-effective, and easy way to get your documents translated, in a variety of formats, into one or more languages.

About Translation Company

Bukhari is the best Translation Company in Dubai that you can trust to do a good job. Because we only work with people who are experts in their field, our services are top-notch in every way. You can always trust us to do a good job at a good price, and we never cut corners. Our company is the best place to get Legal Translation in Dubai or any other type of translations.


We have been in the translation business for 18 years. When it comes to translation and localization, we have a lot of experience, and we can help with more than 75 languages, so we can help you with both. Among translation companies in Dubai, make your work stand out. There are a lot of things we do that aren’t just legal translations, even though these are the most important ones for our clients.

Document Translation Agency

For example, we can translate everything from general texts to medical texts to economic texts to media texts to website texts and many other types of texts. It can be very useful if you go to an event where the language isn’t your native language, or one that you’re familiar with. We also offer interpretation services. Our interpreters will come to your event and take care of all of your translation needs, so you can feel at ease and confident at all times.
Use the information on our site to get in touch with us quickly. You can also ask for a price quote, by filling out the quote form on our site. There’s a good chance that you’ll only want to work with us. So why not see how professional our services are and how affordable our prices can be for the most difficult projects? There are experts in each field who can translate all kinds of documents in their field. They are also certified to do so, so they can do it. Make sure you pick the right people for the job. We don’t cut corners when it comes to quality, either.

Professional Translation Company in Dubai

Part of our goal is to have a lot of ideas. We want to work with people from all over the world, and we’re working hard to get the best job in the translation business. To reach our goals. We have a professional strategy that includes quality improvement. Complete focus on our customers. And the best services on the market. To do this, we have a plan. With Bukhari Translation, you can’t go wrong and you won’t be sorry about working with us.

Visit us today and get a price for the job you need done. Don’t worry if you have a short deadline, because we can also help with those kinds of projects. We know that your time is important, and we value it just as much. Our company will make sure that all of your deadlines will be met and that your priorities will be our top priorities as well. We have a lot of reasons why you should choose us.
If you need a quick and accurate translation in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE, we can help.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

If you need your document translated right away, we can help. We have 24-hour urgent services that can help you get your document translated quickly.

We have a great group of translators who can help you with your personal or business needs.

You send us the documents by email, and we’ll take care of the logistics. When we finish, we’ll send the documents to the address of your choice.

We can translate to over 200 languages, with the main language being English. We can also translate from English to other languages, and vice versa.

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