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Welcome to the official website of Bukhari Translation Services (BTS) located in Marina Dubai, UAE. We know your translation and interpretation needs. As a leading Legal Translation Office in Dubai, we have specialized in offering precise and dependable translation and interpretation services that are aimed at meeting the diverse language needs of this multinational hub. Our proficiency extends across a wide range of services tailored to enhance communication and guarantee precision in all types of legal documents whether for official or personal purposes. We have been serving since 2007 in the UAE, meaning that we know our clients’ needs better than any other service provider.

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Why Choose Us

Why to choose our Legal Translation Office in Dubai?

Bukhari Translation Services takes pride as being the best translation office Dubai has ever seen. Some traits set us apart


Our team comprises highly qualified translators who are experts in their respective fields of specialization, holding relevant certifications as well. They possess deep knowledge about both source and target languages and cultural and contextual nuances affecting translation process. Consequently, these translations are not only precise but also greatly sensitive.


We assure our clients’ accurate translations necessary especially for legal matters or official documents including those needed by courts or embassies when applying for visas of other countries etc. Several reviews involving editing eventually guarantee this high standard last draft translation through our quality assurance mechanism which ensures accuracy throughout all phases before submission of final work. Often one slight mistake in legal translations may lead to serious consequences hence everything must be done accurately.


All your confidential documents will remain strictly private under our care because we understand the meaning of privacy to our clients here at the Legal Translation Office in Dubai. Your sensitive files are safe with us due to our confidentiality agreements and secure handling procedures. Our data is stored in encrypted channels and this makes sure that your information privacy is guaranteed.


We are aware of the importance of timeframes and therefore we always provide our services on time. Our efficient project management system ensures that we deliver as promised hence quality is not compromised in any way. We have flexible turnaround times for those who want it done faster than usual, and are ready to go out of the way to meet your requirements.

Multi-Language Support

We handle all languages spoken in Dubai including Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu, French, Russian, Tagalog, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Hebrew ,Turkish, Farsi and 150+ languages with particular focus on English to Arabic and Arabic to English translation services. This broad language support allows us to serve a wide range of clients across many industries in Dubai. Whether you need translations for business, legal, medical or personal purposes; we have been trained enough and have enough experience to deliver quality results which will meet your expectations at BTS Legal translation office Dubai.

Our Services

Services we offer

Legal Translation

This is among the key services we deal in. We have highly qualified translators who focus on ensuring that all your legal documents are translated with maximum confidentiality and accuracy. These traits make us the best legal translation office Dubai. Being crucial documents, their integrity cannot be compromised during translation. This calls for thorough attention to detail to ensure that legal terms are accurately translated and contain their original sense thereby reducing any possibilities of confusion or misinterpretation.


Our team offers professional interpreting services in several scenarios such as meetings, conferences and similar activities relating to legal, medical and education. In addition, our interpreters can fluently speak various languages including Hindi, English, Arabic, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Farsi, Hebrew, Tagalog, Urdu and Chinese among many others enabling smooth communication between speakers who use different languages. Clear and effective communication is what our proficient interpreters can assure you either through consecutive interpretation during business meetings or simultaneous interpretation during large conferences. Furthermore, there are special interpreter services available for legal and police matters where secrecy is involved.

Driving License Translation

We provide accurate driving license translation services and help our clients to convert driving licenses issued from their countries of origin according to the requirements of Dubai’s RTA. Our experts will help you understand administrative requirements as well as make sure your translated papers correspond with essential standards so that you do not face further delay to own and drive your own vehicle in Dubai. Our service entails translating from various languages into Arabic and vice versa so as not to breach local regulations. The road & transport authority (RTA) Dubai accepts translations of driving licenses provided by the BTS.

BTS Visa Typing Center

Our visa typing services make it easier to navigate through the complexities of the visa process in Dubai by ensuring your documents are properly formatted and translated. Our services cover all types of visa applications related to work, residence, and tourist visas and make sure that you can have a hassle-free experience while applying for a visa. Our strengths include Schengen Visa, Golden Visa of the UAE as well as best countries like USA, UK, Canada, Japan and many more immigration destinations worldwide. We are always aware of new changes in immigration laws; thus, making your document up to date with the current requirements.

Voice Overs & Voice Dubbing

We offer high-quality voice over and dubbing services for your multimedia projects. For example, video adverts or presentations need clear audio input from different languages such as English, Arabic, Urdu, French, Hindi, Russian, Tagalog, Chinese and 150+ languages. Our team will ensure that you get the professional results whether for an educational video or movie that requires a voiceover. However, our professionals make sure that the original content must be tailored to match its tone and style so that there is continuity for whichever audience or viewer is targeted.

Desk-Top Publishing

Make your documents better through our desk-top publishing. We guarantee that your translated content is not only accurate but also attractive to look at in a way that keeps the original form and layout of the document. Our experts in desk-top publishing employ different software tools to recreate the design and layout of your documents making them ready for printing or digital distribution. This service has proved vital in marketing materials, manuals and technical paperwork where appearance is as important as what is inside it.


Our transcription service is perfect for transcribing your audio and video recordings into written form. We can have any kind of content from interviews, meetings and legal proceedings done accurately with attention to detail. Our transcribers are well versed in multiple languages so as to make the transcripts accurate and real representation of the original content. Additionally, we provide time coded audiovisual projects making it easy to synchronize the text with an audio or a video.

Website Localization

With our localization services, you can make your website globally accessible. We alter your website content for different languages and cultures so that it resonates with local audiences while still maintaining your brand’s voice. Our localization professionals examine various aspects which include cultural nuances, local idioms and user preferences that make your site authentic to its target audience. This service is vital for businesses looking forward to expanding their market reach by reaching customers in different geographical areas.

Our More Services

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All Services

Our Translation Company in Dubai is the best of the bunch

In Dubai, a translation office is on the top for those looking for quality and customer satisfaction. Long-term relationships with clients cannot be built without trust, reliability and excellent work. These features distinguish us from other translation service providers.

Personal Solutions

Each client and project have their own specifics and this is why we customize our services to fit your needs exactly. Our custom-made solutions guarantee that you will get translations that suit your requirements whether they are legal, business-oriented or technical.

Cultural sensitivity

Cultural sensitivity becomes an important aspect of this kind of work in order to avoid any misunderstanding and prevent culture-related wrongdoings. We always scrutinize the projects for cultural sensitivity aspects to make them appropriate for targeted communities.

Sophisticated technology

Our service delivery is enhanced through application of up-to-date translation system. We apply computer-aided assistance in translating works like CATs (Computer-assisted Translation Tools), TMs (Translation Memory) and terminology management systems to ensure coherence as well efficiency in our translations. Using such technology not only reduces turnaround time but also ensures that a high level of accuracy is maintained from start to the final delivery.

Wide Range of Services offered by Best Translation Office Dubai

Our range of services includes voice dubbing, interpretation, website localization as well as legal translations. Our extensive list of services means that you do not have to source translation from more than one place thus you will save time and maintain consistency across different projects.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the main focus of our business. Before approving a translation for delivery, it undergoes a series of quality assurance processes including review by several experts, proofreading, editing among others. We also carry out frequent training and evaluations for our translators and interpreters so that they can keep up with current industry trends and developments.

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Services acceptable in all Embassies & Consulates in the UAE

Experience the difference with Best Translation Office Dubai For all your translation requirements just call us now and we will help you communicate effectively across languages and cultures. Our team is friendly and professional providing exceptional answers 24/7 beyond your expectations. What are you looking for when we provide guarantees of translated documents to be accepted at various Embassies, consulates, government and private offices in the UAE.
Bukhari Translation Services aim at breaking language barriers that are common in Dubai's multicultural environment towards achieving individual goals. We also offer other services like PRO Services which include documents attestation, Notarization, and many other services which involve third parties and the clients have to put extra efforts to get their job done. We assist them so that they may not waste their time waiting in long queues and also become free from traveling and parking worries. Be our partner on a victorious journey where every word spoken will have its meaning accurately interpreted into any language. We hope to work with you soon as your trusted translation partner here in Dubai. Contact us today to begin working together; which is why many clients opt for us when seeking the best translation office Dubai?

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