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Some people who have a driving licence from a certain country only need to driving License translation in Dubai to get a UAE Driving licence. Send us a copy of your driving licence and a copy of your ID (for spelling) to [email protected], and we’ll get back to you in 2-3 hours with the translation.
Most expats who move to the UAE for a long time, first thing they do is to get UAE driving licence. So it is a good time for a party when you get driving license. The reason for the stay could be to set up a business, get a job, or do anything else that allows you to become a resident.

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Some people who have licences say that they didn’t get a job because they didn’t have less than a post-graduate degree. It’s not just an award for getting a licence in Dubai that other people say, they say. It helped them get a better job and start their career off right. Besides the people who work at the company, everyone else needs a licence to drive their car.

As everyone knows, Dubai is a business hub of the world. It is known for its reputation as a paradise for tourists, job seekers with specific skills in their field of work, and a great place to start a business because of its business-friendly policies and easy set-up business set up. People from all over the world come to the UAE because of these things. Most expats come from India, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Europe.

Driving License Translation

In some Asian countries, it’s common to break the road rules. People aren’t very knowledgeable about traffic rules, even though they have been driving for years in their home countries. To get a driving licence in Dubai, they have to go through a lot of training and pass many tests. In the United Arab Emirates, there are many ways for people to get where they need to go, but most expats have to pass a driving test. This is because the country has a lot of different types of transportation, like taxis, buses, and trams, that can get people there.

To do this, you need to go to a driving school that the government approves. If you hadn’t driven before or had a driving licence from your country that isn’t on the RTA list, you’ll have to take a training course. To start the RTA file at a driving school, trainees need to send in their passport copy, the original with the visa stamp, a letter from their employer, and a few pictures. Eye tests are the first thing you can do with an optician or your school to get help. Before you get your driver’s licence, there are also tests in both theories and the road you must pass.

UAE Driving Lisence Translation Services

According to the way it looks, it’s a lot of work, time, and money, especially for people who have a very busy schedule. There are a lot of countries where people can get a UAE driving licence without taking tests or taking training classes. They don’t need any help translating their driving licence in Dubai. Among these countries is the United Kingdom.
All of these countries are in the same time zone as each other: the United States of America and Poland are in the same time zone as South Korea and France are in the same time zone as Italy and Japan are in the same time zone as Germany and Belgium are in the same time zone as Switzerland.

If the RTA Dubai recommends, people who have a driving licence from the countries above need to have it translated into English or sent to the UAE by the consulate. Bukhari Translation services help pass who need driving licence translation services in Dubai by giving them all the information they need about translation and the Arabic to English translation in Dubai they need to send to the RTA in Dubai. We can help you convert your driving licence to a UAE driving licence in 2-3 hours, and we’re always available to help you.

Translating driving licences in Dubai, JLT, Abu Dhabi, Media City, Deira and Al Barsha, UAE.


That’s why many people get a driver’s licence when they move to a new country. All the time, getting a driver’s licence translation is part of that. So, to get and drive a car in the United Arab Emirates, you need to get a highly certified and very skilled Driving License Translation in Dubai, UAE. There are a lot of professional translation companies that work in this field and can help you with more than 120 languages. Many of these translation companies have already made the process easier for their customers to use. They hire local and industry-specific interpreters who work well together to make the best interpretation material for the driving licence.
When are you going to the UAE? Are you going there for vacation, work, or some other reason?
Driving licences are translated in Dubai. Is this true? Then you’ll need to translate your driving licence and other documents into Arabic so that you can drive in Dubai instead of taking public transportation. In some places, it’s almost impossible to live well without driving.

Many translation companies are working in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, to help you with this. They offer the best English to Arabic translation in Dubai and Arabic to English translation in Dubai for your documents. Also, if you need an English to Arabic translator in Dubai and other parts of the United Arab Emirates, you may need one. Your driving licence should be translated into a UAE driving licence. It is very important to do this.


Permits for international driving

Keep in mind that an International Driving licence in Dubai is not meant to be a replacement for your driver’s licence. It is meant to be a supplement to it. You should always have your original car documents and original with you.


Driving License Translation in Dubai has a lot of benefits.

Driving licence translation has a lot of benefits: You might need to drive in a country where people speak a language that isn’t one of the ones on your Permit. In a different country, you might be a passenger in a car. Maybe you don’t own a car, but you’ll be in a country where the language isn’t English.

You won’t need an International Driving Permit to get behind the wheel in any of the above cases. It is important to change your driving licence to the country’s language where you live. You should have all the documents that their government can read in countries where you might need to show that you are who you say you are.

Driving licence translation in the United Arab Emirates

If you have a driving licence from one of these countries, you can get a UAE driving licence.

Saudi Arabia is a country in the Middle East that
South Africa is a country.
New Zealand is a country in the western part of
The UK
The United States and a few other places.
All of the countries mentioned above print official documents in their language. Translate your driving licence into Arabic so that you can start work in Dubai or other parts of the UAE before you do. You don’t have to sign up for the training in the UAE, so translating your driving licence is still very useful.


Driving license Translation UAE requirements

The original passport
A copy of the Resident Permit
To drive, you must have a valid driving licence
Passport-sized picture
A Certificate of Eye Test that the Traffic Police confirm.

How To Translate Driving licence in Dubai?

Our translation services in Dubai can help you translate your documents, data, report, technical documents, and driving licence into Arabic or English. We also offer Arabic translation in Dubai and other parts of the United Arab Emirates. : We have a lot of different kinds of


Translation services can be found in Dubai, as well.

Our translation services in Dubai can help you translate your documents, data, report, technical documents, and driving licence into Arabic or English. We also offer Arabic translation in Dubai and other parts of the United Arab Emirates. : We have a lot of different kinds of


It’s an Arabic to English translation

This is how to translate from English to Arabic:
If you need a precise translation service for any reason, we can help you in most languages. We have translators who can speak more than 120 languages. Find certified translators near you who can do a good job at a good price. The Bukhari Translation Company in Dubai charges a very low rate for all of its services in all languages. As far as language services go, we can do French to English translation in Dubai, and so on. We can also do Italian to English translation, and so on. We have translators who speak many languages and work well with the group they are translating for.

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The best certified translation services and the real certification are given to people who need them at a reasonable price. In the same way, our group does the work in a short amount of time. As soon as it was translated, the document would be sent to you in one day. Make sure our company knows if you need the document in a hurry, and you’ll get it in less than 24 hours. Make sure your important documents are deciphered productively in any language. It’s also 100% correct. The group is also well-versed in handling private information. You can drive anywhere in the world with our powerful Driving License Translation Services in Dubai, so get ready to drive anywhere in the world.

Our company is, in fact, the best choice if you want the translation to be done quickly and at a reasonable price. With many licences that have already been translated, our company is one of the most trusted for online interpretations. Here in Dubai, we offer the best Arabic English translation service and all legal translation services in the UAE!

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