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There have been a lot of changes in the field of medicine in the last few years, which has made it a lot easier for people to live longer. With such a wide range of people living in Dubai, there is a need for medical content translation services in Dubai for more than just medicine. The need for translation services has led to a lot of different businesses to open up. For a lot of people, medicine has become the best job in the world. a lot of people from different countries who speak different languages work in the field of medicine, which is a very wide field. Because Dubai is the business and trade center of the modern world, a lot of people from other countries have come to visit it.

Bukhari Translation-Pioneers for medical translation:

Bukhari Translation is different from all of its competitors because they know how important it is to get an exact and accurate translation in the field of medicine. When it comes to medical translation, Bukhari Translation is one of those companies that knows how important it is to get the translations right and right the first time around. There are a lot of companies that offer these services, but their translation isn’t very clear. In Dubai, we can provide a certified translation because our translators know how to talk about medicine. Only if you have a deep and true understanding of the words can you get a true translation.


In addition, we also have a very strict quality control process in place for all of our services related to health translation in Dubai. This way, we can make sure that the content we provide to our clients is of the best quality. Clients also have complete privacy when they share their medical history with us. They don’t have to be afraid that their medical history or personal information will fall into the hands of someone else.


Various services offered by Bukhari Translation:

It isn’t just medical translations we can do for our clients in Dubai. Bukhari Translation also offers a lot of other services for translation in Dubai. We have a team of translators who can speak more than 150 languages that are spoken all over the world. They know more than just the language meanings. They also know the different dialects of the same language that are used in the same country but in different places. We can help you translate between European, Asian, and African languages, and we can also help you with other languages, too. Specialists are also available to help you get the most accurate and certified Albanian translation in Dubai from us, as well as the most authentic translation.


The Albanian language is used a lot in Albania because it is a mix of Indian and European languages because Albania is a European country. There are a lot of legal and official documents that need to be translated from Albanian to Arabic or Albanian to English. We can help you with that. We also translate other documents, such as human resource and promotional material, industrial relations material, and women’s rights translations, for people who need them.

Wide range of translation services

Bukhari Translation is also the best at providing a wide range of legal translation services. Dubai has all official documents in Arabic, so we have a team of certified translators who can help you with your legal documents and give you the best English to Arabic translation in Dubai. When someone from another part of the world moves to Dubai, they have to show the UAE government all of their personal, professional, and academic documents in order to get a work permit or visa for the city. In fact, Bukhari  Translation has all kinds of Legal Translation in Dubai to meet their needs. This includes their driver’s license, their academic certificates, their marriage certificates, and the certificates that show that they have met certain requirements for the field in which they are going to work as an adult.


People who move back to their home countries also have to show proof of the qualifications and certifications they have earned in Dubai when they return home. So, Bukhari Translation also translates from Arabic to other languages for different types of legal translation in Dubai.

Translation services and equipment services

We are one of the businesses in Dubai that also offers a lot of other things. There is more to us than just a translation company in Dubai. We also have a wide range of interpretation equipment, such as projectors and projectors screens, as well as interpretation services in Dubai. They can help you when you have visitors from other countries who don’t speak Arabic, and there is a communication gap because they don’t speak the same language as you. If you have a question about any of the things we do or how we can help you, we have agents who can help you around the clock in our offices in Dubai. You can also get an online quote for our services by going to our site.


Medical Content Translation Services in Dubai, JLT, Media City, Al Barsha

In this case, BUKHARI TRANSLATION SERVICES (JLT, DEIRA, and SHAIKH ZAYED ROAD, MEDIA CITY, AL BARSHA, ABU DHABI) provides high-quality medical translation by medical translators who have a lot of experience with specific medical terms. At all times, we have a group of medical translators who are very well-versed in their field around you.


Our Project Managers will take care of all of your translator’s needs, knowing that your project is given the utmost attention, has a quick time frame for completion, and is willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement with you before starting the process.


The medical translators that we hire are very carefully checked and also checked for quality. Because it is so important for all medical documents to be checked for quality, our company offers the most complete Medical Translation Services in Dubai with a guarantee of quality. We make sure that our customers get good service through the different stages of proofreading, and we also help them with our thorough focus group testing. In Dubai, our team takes the job of translating very seriously.

We offer a wide range of specialized services that go beyond the process of translating a document or language in Dubai. The unique business processes that we use make sure that each and every project is given to the best translator for the job. We keep in touch with all of our customers around the world. Our company has already become the medical translation service provider in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that can keep up with the work flow without any hassle or mess, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Medical Translation Services in Dubai

At Bukhari translation services, there is no area or subject that they haven’t been able to do well. The best translation company in Dubai is us. We can translate medical, technical, legal, commercial, website, financial, and marketing content for you. There are many other languages we can help you with if you need a medical translation in Dubai, like Russian, Japanese and Spanish and Portuguese. Also on this list are Turkish, Hindi, Farsi and Urdu as well as all the other major languages: Turkish, Hindi, Farsi, and Urdu. In Dubai, we work with a group of professional translators who have a lot of experience translating hard things like medical and technical texts.

Everyone who works for us as a medical translator is very excited about their work, and our customers always get a perfect piece of translation. If you need to meet with a doctor or go to a medical school, we can help you get the best medical translators and interpreters in Dubai. We were able to help a lot of people in the United Arab Emirates, especially in Dubai Healthcare City.

Medical reports translation in Dubai

If you need to translate medical reports, medicine leaflets, Health brochures or training materials for clinics and hospitals in Dubai, our team of translators can help. Our translators have been very good at translating medical websites, medical examinations, study reports, and patient information as well. In addition, we are the best at translating clinical study agreements, patient information sheets, case reports, medical device manuals, newsletters from the company that makes them, translations of medical software, and many other types of translations.



Translation service in DUBAI CS can help you with medical translation. Dubai has changed the medical translation service in Dubai by providing translations for healthcare, pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and clinical trials, as well as other translations. Faster, clearer, and more cost-effective translations are what we can do with our low-cost translation and advanced translation platform.


How We Do Our Work

As a top medical translation service in Dubai, Bukhari helps you translate informed consent forms, medical device manuals (IFU/DFU), hospital documents, medical reports, and other documents and files.


People at our company have a lot of experience translating medical documents from one language to another in a wide range of different medical fields. We also translate medical documents, clinical data, and software for medical devices in a wide range of fields, such as Anesthesiology, Infectious Diseases, Cardiology, Microbiology, Pathology, Pediatrics, and many more.


As a medical translation service in Dubai, we work with the world’s best medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and top contract research organisations from all over the world. We provide medical translation services on time and at a price that fits your budget. It is legal for all documents that have been translated to be signed.


Our medical translation services in Dubai also include an in-country language review by medical professionals who make sure that the documents meet the standards of the medical community.


Our Medical Translation Services

Why Are We the Best Medical Translation Service In Dubai?

We are the best medical translation service in Dubai because we are very good at what we do

Pharmaceutical companies, clinical trials, and research companies, as well as manufacturers of many different health products, use Bukhari Medical Translation Service to have their texts translated.


More than 40 top medical research and pharmaceutical companies from around the world work with us on Clinical Trial Reports, Informed Consent Forms, Patient Information Sheets, Case Report Forms and more. We also work with them on things like Toxicology reports and Pharmacology reports.


We offer medical translation service in Dubai, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, as well as in other places in the Middle East and North Africa.


You should know us.

Bukhari Translation always help you talk to each patient, no matter what language they speak. We have medical translators from a lot of different countries who have a lot of experience in medicine and know a lot about the rules and regulations in their countries.

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