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To obtain a visa to Dubai or to go by other means of legality, personal documents Attestation Services In Dubai or business documents need to be attested. very important. UAE does not belong to the signatory of the Hague Apostille Convention. Therefore, for papers to have validity, official authentication of the government and legalization process is necessary. This can be a tedious process and lengthy, and you may not be able to manage the technicalities and tedious knowledge of the procedure. But you can put all worries at bay as we will guide you through the process, our experienced and trained staff of experts at Bukhari Translation is always ready.

We offer all kinds of document attestation at Dubai, UAE from degree certificates to Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, UAE and translation services too.  To learn more, contact us for dependable Attestation Services in Dubai that have more than 25 years of experience in the document/certificate Attestation industry to Attesting over 100+ countries, including USA, UK, France, India.

Experienced Document Attestation Services in Dubai

Since 1990 we provide a wide array of attestation services in Dubai for our customers. The level of service we provide is unrivalled which makes us among the most reputable in the industry. Our goal is to provide an attestation service that is hassle-free to our valued customers and ensure they have an enjoyable experience with us. With over a decade of hands-on expertise, our company is just the right solution for all types of services related to attestation in Dubai. We manage every step of an attestation process from the beginning until the final step to ensure you are able to relax as we finish your job. Service speed, reliability and a 100% assurance of authentic documents are only a few of the positive aspects we offer. Many satisfied customers have recommended Bukhari Translation in Dubai for its attestation services all over the world.

In order to obtain a visa for Dubai it is necessary to have your academic or personal certifications along with academic or professional documents which have been verified by the embassy or consulate of your choice in the UAE and later through authorities from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE Government.

This process is difficult for those who do not possess the proper information. This is the reason Bukhari Translation offers end to end attestation services. In taking on the responsibility of completing your work and completing the entire process is fastest and most efficient, resulting in the highest quality results. Our experienced team is available for any needs related to attestation. We are experts with attestation services for Abu Dhabi and at other locations in the UAE. Therefore, ensure that you get the most value for your hard-earned cash with Bukhari Translation Services!

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We offer a variety of Certificates, MOFAs educational, Mark Sheets, Affidavits and Personal Documents Commercial Documents BVI attestation service within Dubai, UAE to our customers. The service quality that we provide is unparalleled that makes us one of the most reliable in the field of attestation. Our goal is to provide an easy and hassle-free service for document attestation to our prestigious clients and ensure that they enjoy the best experience when they work with us. With decades of hands-on expertise, our firm are the ideal destination for all types of services within the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah

Best Reliable Attestation Services in Dubai, UAE

Since 1990, at Bukhari Translation we have been providing a variety of services for attestation in Dubai for our customers. The service quality that we provide is unrivalled that makes us one of the tops in the industry. Our vision is to deliver hassle-free, genuine, fast attestation services to our esteemed clientele and make sure they have a wonderful experience with us. With over a decade of hands-on expertise, our company is the ideal solution for any services for attestation in Dubai. We manage all aspects of the process starting from the beginning to the very end, so that you are able to relax as we finish your job.

Personal documents:

All Diploma, Degree and other academic certificates will be certified by MOFA within one or two days.

Bukhari Translation provides quality MOFA attestation services for all medical reports and certificates.

Bukhari Translation Services help you to create MOFA Attestation of your accomplishment certificate in the UAE.

Bukhari Translation Services can help you with MOFA attestation procedures to marriage, birth and death certificates.

As one of the best attestation services available in Dubai We can assist you in completing MOFA Attestation of your marriage certificate and divorce certificates.

Bukhari Translation, we offer rapid and reliable MOFA services for the power of attorney documents.

Commercial licences

Procedure for MOFA Attestation of Certificates

Educational Document

Are you interested in having your Indian education certificates of Indian origin certified in Dubai? The dependable professionals at Bukhari Translation will assist you throughout the process.

  1. Notary – This process is executed by government officials who are authorized to do so.
  2. Evaluation by the Home Department: After notarization and notarization, Home Department is the department that notarizes your document. Home country Department plays a part in the embassy attestation process, and the document is then sent to the state that you are a part of. The assessment made from Home Department after notarization Home Department after notarization is only for personal documents.
  3. Sub-division magistrates – In this step, the SDM confirms the authenticity of the documents by contacting the relevant university or school and after successful verification and sealing, the documents are sealed with an official stamp and signature.
  4. MEA Once the MEA passes the SDM confirmation, it is then inspected, endorsed and stamped with the Ministry of External Affairs.
  5. UAE Embassy – the process is confirmed by the Dubai Embassy at this stage to verify the authenticity of the documents.
  6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs approval After your documents have passed all the necessary evaluations and procedures, they are then officially certified by MOFA. MOFA.

Commercial Document

The process of obtaining a Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation to establish your business or other documents is required for opening an account at a bank, start up a business or take loans in Dubai. But, completing the procedure on your own could sometimes be an arduous task due to the extensive examination and verification process, as well as the challenge to deal with multiple translations versions.

Let the experts at Bukhari Translation Services Dubai help you through the process with ease and in no time and with great price options! Based on the nature of your commercial document and the course of action you wish to undertake the document will need to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Public verification done by notary
  2. Department of Foreign Affairs Authentication
  3. Attestation from UAE Embassy
  4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation from Dubai.

It will all depend on what you want to accomplish. Our experts will provide you with any information you need. And guide you through the process of having your commercial documents certified.

What is the reason attesting to MOFA is necessary?

Why should you choose us to provide Your MOFA attestation services?

With more than the span of 25 years in attestation services across all of UAE.  Regulations, and has constantly adapted to offer services that are based on the most recent laws and regulations. We also provide excellent customer service, and we ensure that your information and documents remain safe and secure. Whatever type of legal document or certificate that you own. Our team of experts will have it certified to you in the shortest amount of time.

Why you should pick us to obtain MOFA Attestation

Commercial Document Attestation Services

As per international law. It’s obligatory for anyone who is who plans to conduct business in a different country.

This means that every commercial document has to go through a specific and mandatory certification procedure.  Commercial document attestation is required to all business-related activities and operations, including opening an account with a bank in Dubai for instance. Another instance would be if you’re from a different country. And you want to establish a business within the UAE. And you’ll have to have your commercial documents certified in this scenario also.

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