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Transcription Video,Audio

Before the introduction of modern workplace tools, the only approach in which audio materials could be transcribed was through a combined process between the speaker and the individual who recorded their conversations. This often needed frequent duplications and allowed mistakes to creep into the completed material due to the time constraints these methods required.

Businesses can localize and use information more voluntarily in transcript form than in audio or video formats. Moreover, extracts of transcripts can be quoted or inserted into other documents, making them much more valuable in preparing annual reports and advertising materials or for addition in blogs and reviews. Finally, transcription services can provide valuable archival copies of video and audio materials that may last beyond the useful life of the technology used to record these materials.

Bukhari Translation uses a patented arrangement of latest speech recognition algorithms and draws on over thousands transcribes all around the United Arab Emirates to complete your transcripts rapidly, privately and at a reasonable price.