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Translators from our company can help you with Danish Translation in Dubai and all kinds of documents, from English to Danish, Arabic to Danish, and Danish to Arabic. When our clients need to communicate in Danish, we can use all of the translators and interpreters we have around the world to help them.

Any time you need an interpreter for meetings, seminars, workshops, or other events, we have the best people to help you. We can translate from Danish to English or any other language you need.



The Danish Language

There are about six million people who speak Danish, mostly in Denmark and in a part of northern Germany called Southern Schleswig, where it is a minority language.


Around 15% to 20% of the people who live in Greenland speak Danish as their main language. This is because of people moving to the cities and changing the best language translator there. There are also small groups of people who speak Danish in Norway, Sweden, Spain, the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina. There is no law that makes Danish the official language of Denmark, so it is the only language used in the country.


Before the 16th century, Danish was a mix of different dialects that were spoken from Schleswig to Scania. There were no standard varieties or spelling rules. Danish is one of them, along with other North Germanic languages.

Danish Translation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

If you want to live in a country that’s both peaceful and friendly to businesses, then Denmark is a good place to start. People in Denmark say that their country has a good education, health, and government system. So it’s not surprising that someone says that meeting the Danes is one of the best things. They do a lot of things in the UAE that are related to jobs and businesses as well as cultural and other tourism-related things. Keep in mind that there are a lot of people from Denmark living in Dubai, so Bukhari Translation Services hired the best Danish translators in Dubai.


If you don’t speak this Scandinavian language, you can also speak Finnish; Norwegian; Swedish; German; Italian; Romanian; Italian; French; and Spanish. The best Arabic, Czech, Portuguese, Chinese and Korean translations can be found here. People who need the best Urdu, Hindi and professional Farsi translation in dubai can contact us with great confidence. Our main languages are also Turkish, Somali, Amharic, Bosnian, Slovak, Azerbaijani, Ukrainian, Russian, Serbian, and a lot of other languages. If you want the best Danish translation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we follow a unique process. Every single document is checked by the experts, and only Danish translators who have worked on similar projects in the past are allowed to work on the project. After the translation is done, a professional Danish proofreader looks over it before we send it to our customers.


Bukhari Translation in Dubai can help you with Danish translation in Dubai for almost all of the major European language pairs, but here are the most popular ones.


Danish to English translation

Danish to Arabic translation

English to Danish translation

Arabic to Danish translation


Danish Legal Translation Services in Dubai

People in the country of Denmark speak Danish, which is the language that the country uses. Some countries around the world do speak it as well. The country of Denmark is full of a lot of multinationals. If your business needs Danish translations, then you can count on our group. Our company has a talented group of translators who can do the Danish to English, Danish to Arabic, English to Danish, and Arabic to Danish translations with a high-end level of speed. You might need the language translation for a business deal, birth or death certificate, or a website. Our company has a way to translate any kind of paper. It is possible for customers to get the fastest and most accurate online Danish translations thanks to new technology and the best in class processes we use to do so.

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