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Voice Dubbing Dubai

Bukhari Translation Service can offer a voice dubbing facility in 200 languages. This facility helps you to get your message from corner to corner in various languages and grow your business in international markets. Recordings made using the best native-speaker voices, communication without any accent which might be considered overseas in the target country.

Voice dubbing requires replacing the original dialog in a video with the translated foreign language. As you can imagine this is quite a complex process which includes not only interpreting the dialog but also familiarizing it to match the lip movement of the television performer and then recording the translation using trained and skilled native voice artists to replicate the original television act.

We always keep our expert eye on all the recording session, because you do not always have the time to come to the studio.

We have the understanding to meet all your requirements, including advertising; interactive program, telephony and interactive services – and we can serve you in any language.

Bukhari Translation Service provides professional dubbing services by organizing our contracted workspaces, network of trained dubbing artist at reasonable costs.