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Conference equipments

As well as providing interpreters for meetings, we also resource, set-up and offer support for conference equipment.

We use advanced equipment for our interpreter's booths, headsets, transmitters, microphones, consoles and all other related sound and audio components.

We can help you with every stage of your event from the technical facilities to of all equipment, interpreters, on-site management and audio recordings facility.

We provide all types of interpreting equipment that may be essential for an event and with enough notice can cater for addressees well into the thousands. The below list will provide further details of some of the ley equipment used at conferences.


Specialized technicians are available all day during events to guarantee the smooth running of the equipment from well before the event start time until the equipment has been dismantled and packed. If you have any demands and issues during an event the technicians are able to see to it directly!

Bukhari Translation service offers complete conference equipment for your all important events. Whether you are looking for interpreter or conference equipment we can serve you at any level of your need.